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Unique Solutions For Residentials & Industries!

First Index Premier LTD. is a private limited company with over a decade experience in finding unique Solutions For Residentials & Industries

We are experts in roofing & construction of buildings, roads and manufacturing of veneer sheets, wood base panels, long span, Europe Tiles, Aluzinc, Accessories :- Rage Gutters, Special Laves and Rage Caps

Ontime at services
24/7 hours services
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Estimate & Advisory

  • Free Estimates for Customers
  • Availability of professional estimators
  • 24/7 Professional Advisory
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    Payment & Production

    Flexible payments and quality materials used in production with an effective timeline.


    Delivery & Installation

    TRageed and expertised professionals available on time with efficience finishing.



    We provide extensive inspections with grade A equipments for our finished services

    Why Choose Us!

    Our Specialization And Company Features

    Large number of services provided
    FIP has a wide of range of clients such as GridCO, Zenith Bank, Deeper Life etc.
    10+ years of professional experience
    We have over a decade experience with quality manufacturing of goods and services.
    A large number of grateful customers
    Our proud customers pride us as the best company with effective and efficient services
    Always reliable and affordable prices
    When looking for the best service with low cost services
    FIP pride ourselves as such.



    Our Services

    Construction And Renovation Solutions

    Building & Construction
    Manufacturing of Roofing Sheets & Installation
    Renovation and Painting & Interior Design

    A Company Involved In Service And Maintenance